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Tutorial: “No-Stitch” editing Insta 360 Pro videos using Premiere and Insta 360 plugin

March 20, 2019

How we use Bridge to create affordable 6DoF VR

November 13, 2017

Published on Immersive Shooter


At StoryUP, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our inspirational content more immersive. So, when we spotted this new technology from Occipital, called Bridge, we realized we might be able to use it to create room-scale VR with 6 degrees of freedom.

A Guide for How to Use Ricoh Theta V

October 14, 2017

Ricoh just released its new 360 camera Ricoh Theta V. But, how should we use it?

How to make a VR cube

April 02, 2017

In order to let the audience understand the basic context of the stories easier, sometimes we need a VR cube to illustrate some background information.  In my case, I use it to tell the audience how we got to Xel-Ha park from Cancun.

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