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VR Market Research

Fader is made by Vragments, which is a company located in Berlin, Germany. Fader is a browser-based VR editing tool made for journalists with little to no previous VR experience. You can edit and publish from any browsers for free. 

Article Published on RJI Website

The Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) is a center for researching and testing new models of journalism in an era of technological advances. RJI makes the most of its location at the Missouri School of Journalism and the extensive resources at the university. RJI’s work crosses diverse specialties within journalism, including media convergence, editorial content and methods, the evolution of advertising, innovation in management and the impact of new technologies.

Fader brings 360-degree video and VR to small newsrooms


As 360-degree video and virtual reality become ubiquitous in journalism, it poses a challenge for newsrooms that may not have the resources of The New York Times or BBC to produce the same caliber of story. How do those smaller newsrooms keep up?

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My role: I analyzed and compared competitors to Fader in the market. From page 6 to 22. I also assisted the creation of other content. 

Final Presentation
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