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Multiplatform Design 

Feudum is a board game created by Mark Shawson, an MU Strategy Communication Professor. As of Feb. 28, 2017, Swanson had raised more than $380,000 for his game on Kickstarter.


During the course of Multiplatform Design, in order to meet the need of publicity, our team including five students worked together with Mr. Shawson to re-design and create an interactive website for his game, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. 

My role: My main contribution was that I redesigned and built Games, where I spent most of my time. In addition to that, I added hamburger menu to the mobile version. I also fixed two minor bugs existed in our hamburger menu on Games and Home. Before, the hamburger menu would drop down and disappear. I also styled the tabs of each page to yellow, thus to remind viewers which page they are in. Furthermore, I optimized the codes concerning the YouTube video in Community. So the ratio of the video can be consistent whenever it is in either the mobile version or desktop version. 

Desktop Version

(Reminder: The layout of the web page may differ based on the device you use)

Mobile Version

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